Portfolio Management Stratetgy #2

One of my Subscriber still hold Rs. 50 Thousand Suzlon Energy at 90% Loss for past 2 years! He is reluctant to Book Loss & hence holding it. Instead if he could have sold & switched to a multibagger then there would have been Rs. 2 Lakh profit by this time!

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Just Multibaggers won’t make you Rich!

So people this happens with most of you who are Not trained to be Investors. Remember one thing Just Multibaggers won’t make you rich. You need to have more Portfolio Management & Bear Market & Mind Power strategies to support your journey.

Getting Rich is a Multi-Part Game

Multibaggers is Part-1 of the Game. Portfolio Management is Part-2. There are more Parts too. All the Parts are Important to become Rich!

Portfolio Strategy #2

It is a common seen pattern that Investor won’t book losses in a bad stock. They are sub-consciously trained to NOT MAKE LOSSES! In this way they will hold on to a BAD stock thereby locking the capital.

Following is one page from Master Mind Training Class #12.


Replace Non-Performing Stocks with Performing ones will Boost your Portfolio Returns in the Long-run.

As an Investor you are Doing Business! You have to equip yourself with the Best Knowledge & High Value Services to Gain maximum Profits. Just having few Multibaggers will not make you rich.. Be a Pro-Investor!

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