Value Investing in Career

Value Investing is True Form of Investing which can be applied to other aspects like Career, Health, Relation too as explained in Master Mind Training

I was talking to a Masters Degree Holder in Pune who wanted to Pursue a Part-Time Job to gain Additional Income to Meet the Expenses. You have to understand the situation that there are Lot of Bachelors & Masters Degree courses in market which have No Value in the Job Market. They simply operate out of context with the Job Market.

CAREER choice you make will determine the quality of your life

We are in a Money-controlled world, where Lack of Money is the Real Problem. Do not underestimate Money!

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Let us see how Value Investing can be applied in Career to make a Fulfilling Life.

  • FIND YOUR PASSION the core factor to the career is it should be aligned with your passion. It is because the Job may require you to work over-time out of the office hours – only if the work aligns with your passion you will enjoy doing it – else you will feel stressed. Find your Passion by researching random jobs out there & observe how your mind is excited about it.
  • RESEARCH THE SCOPE & GROWTH OF SECTOR to make sure you are not entering a tunnel to desert. Few of the trending job sector today are Health, Pharma, Biotechnology, Information Technology, Digital Marketing etc.
  • SHORTLIST FEW COURSES based on the cost, scope, credibility of the institute, placement history & loan availability etc. It is not bad to take an education loan as career is an appreciating asset. you can pay interest 1X on things which gains you back 10X in future.
  • VALUATION ART is the final important thing to do
    • Identify the Cost of the Course | Example: Rs. 1 Lakh [Cost of the Course is not a problem if it gives more returns]
    • Identify the Time Effort required to Pass the Course | Example: 8 hours per day X 200 days X 3 years X Hourly Value of Yours + Additional Expenses like Food, Stay, Transportation & Other Costs| Example: Rs. 2 Lakh
    • FIND THE ROI FIRST YEAR Example: If you could get a Job of Rs. 5 Lakh in first year & Save Rs 2 Lakh after taxes & expenses, then the Real ROI is 100%
    • FIND THE GROWTH IN SECOND YEAR YEAR if there is a nominal increase of 10% in income then the direct savings could be around 30% which is a good
    • FIND THE ROI IN FIFTH YEAR Example: with nominal 30% savings increase you could gain Total ROI of 500% above at the 5th year.
    • ENSURE your course can provide 500% ROI in 5 Years with all the scope + growth – else do not take the course as it may squeeze your money life
    • LEVERAGE you can also add leverage strategies like skill upgrade, immigration, investment opportunities to further increase the ROI – remember the core factor of spending time & energy in career is to have the best money returns

ROI 500% 5 Year is the Key!


Value Investing is so beautiful that it allows you to Evaluate almost everything & Make better life choices!

Be master of value investing be master of life!

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