Various Frauds in Stock Market!

Although people gets attracted to Stock Market for the Wealth created by Warren Buffett, Ramesh Damani they end up Loosing Money by following the Frauds in Stock Market!

This is because there are lots of Frauds in Stock Market. As mentioned in the Master Mind Training here are the core points to watch for the FRAUDS & How to Validate them!

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99% Frauds happens in this area. You will see lot of Paid Advisors, You Tube, Telegram Channels showing you Winning Trades & Winning Competitions – but once you purchase them it will stop working!

FRAUD: The advisor is having multiple trade recordings & trade competitions in the background. Only the winning ones are displayed so that people are deceived.

TRUTH: Real Profitable Traders are rare & will not share their strategy – as it is dynamic & sharing will affect his own Profitability. [Otherwise these day traders, futures & option traders would have been crossing Ambani every year]

CHECK: Ask them their last 2 Year Annual Statement displaying Short Term Capital Gains. They will not have one & will give some lame excuses. They are are Fraud!

[NOTE: Not to go with day trading, futures & options, short term investing UNLESS it provides 100% ROI per year – as these are Active Investing which takes lot of time & energy]


Often the NRI, Doctors & Celebrities are Faked with High Claim Advisors – who will offer 1000% returns in 1 year & with a heavy fees like Rs. 1 Lakh to 5 Lakh per tip.

Remember, if you get a tip for 1 year, it will take 1 year to validate it.

FRAUD : The advisor is making big money out of you & they will block you once the proven false

TRUTH : No advisor can give a surety returns of 1000% unless he is an operator. Operators will not come to Retailers as it is risky.

Every advisor will have few multibaggers which gave 1000% returns in an year – but that will be pure luck – nobody can repeat that in another stock. Find out the other stocks recommended by same advisor & you will see the averaging lower returns on portfolio. Portfolio Returns Matters!

CHECK : Ask for All Recommendations in the particular year. Do not fall trap of the screenshots. Ask for a Video call so that they can live show the Sent Emails – Any high paid advisor can provide a paid/free validation screen share of past. If they are reluctant, that means they are Fraud!


Most of the fake advisors comes with big interviews to show their credibility.

FRAUD In fact you have to know, Interviews are New Type of Ads!

TRUTH : People can purchase Interviews by paying the Magazine a hefty fee.

CHECK : Ask for the Client References as Facebook, LinkedIn IDS so that you can Contact them & Validate whether they really became rich from the advisor. [Do not take Phone Call / Whatsapp as those can be Manipulated easily]


Coming back to the point, the real stock market is for Long Term Investing & It is Passive! You need to know how to analyze stocks, sectors, learn value investing, intrinsic value, bear market handling etc to build wealth & really become rich for generations – like Warren Buffett, Ramesh Damani!

Remember, the Portfolio Returns comes around 5 Year 500% if you go with any advisors. So do not be too greedy with other fake advisors which will make you loose time, money & confidence.

So the greedy, amateur, shortcut seeker is actually victim of frauds! Do not be like that learn the righ tpath of investing. There is only simple 10 points of learning in stock market – it is covered in our Master Mind Training.


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2021 MultibaggersPeak Returns
Insurance Sector Largecap MultibaggerHolding | SUBSCRIBE
HG Infra | May 2021100% Up
Jubilant Ingrevia | Apr 2021 | Report | PROOF100% Up
Likhitha Infrastructure Report | Feb 2021100% Up
Titan Biotech | Jan 2021 | Report | PROOF100% Up
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2020 Multibaggers Peak Returns
SRG Housing Finance500%
Tata Elxsi400%
Manappuram Finance100%
IOL Chemicals300%
Goldiam International500%
Associated Alcohol200%
Gujarat Ambuja Exports200%
*** Call Open 60%
*** Call Open 50%
*** Call Open50%
2019 Multibaggers [Only 5 during time]Peak Returns
Caplin Point300%
Bhagaeria Industries200%
Maithan Alloys100%
BCL Industries100%
futurecaps performance 2021 multibaggers 500

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  • 2010-2012 Top Performance given below through Old website
    • V-Guard 3000% Returns
    • Yes Bank 1000% Returns


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