Radakishan Damani picks up Cochin Shipyard!

Dear Investors, I wanted to share the Good News that Radakishan Damani (Ace Investor, India) picks up Cochin Shipyard shares.

NEWS LINK https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/markets/stocks/news/radhakishan-damani-picks-up-0-5-stake-in-cochin-shipyard/articleshow/78814113.cms?from=mdr

It is a Futurecaps Multibagger Jul 2020!

We were the first in India to Announce Cochin Shipyard as a Multibagger due to the Best Match against Warren Buffett checklist. Posting here the advertisement on same. (BUT most people ignored it / that is the lack of fundamental learning)

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More Investor Attraction

This proves that Cochin Shipyard will also give Multibagger returns in the future as Celebrity Investor will be strongly analyzing & heavily investing. Seeing their momentum, more & more mutual funds will come & invest.


If things goes well this company can give 5-10 times returns in 5 year period & good holding for long term as well.


The only problem we had was it is a Public Ltd. Company. But there is a Hidden Strategy which covers the risk too.

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