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Futurecaps is a Team of Advisors & Investors with 12+ years of experience in Stock Market with SEBI Registration & Qualified on MBA, PhD etc.  We are strict followers of Warren Buffet theories on Investing.

We are the Best Value-oriented Advisory in India – We charge Nominal Price on the Advisory as We wanted to help the Retail Investors.  See our Past Performance.

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3 Year Multibagger Plan + Essential Training

Invest in Next Page Industries!

Rs. 9999 for 3-Year (Rs. 20000)

50% Discount

To be increasing to Rs. 15000 shortly

*Best Selling Plan

Total 30 Stocks  in 3 Years from the Small & Mid Cap Sector. Advisor Team Invested with Vision of minimum 500% returns in 5 Year holding.Why price low for 30 Stocks 3 Year? We believe Subscriber should get Value – Not Over-Priced products.

There are other advisors copying our 3Y multibaggers & selling at 5X our price – So start faster before we increase price to stop our business damages.

Past Performance

Zoom your Wealth!

Secured Payment by Third Party

1 Year Multibagger Plan Rs. 500 (1-Year)

* For Beginners

5 Free Multibagger + 1 Paid Multibagger Stock over 1 Year period. No Tracking.

This helps you to Evaluate our Multibaggers
5 Year Financial Freedom Plan

Pay as 5 Installments

Rs. 1 Lakh (5-Year)

*For Financial Freedom Seekers

Receive above Multibagger plan along with Real Estate 30% ROI Strategies & Legal Aspects Training to achieve Financial Freedom in 5 Years.

This is our Signature Service (you will not get elsewhere) & it will help you become Solid ?Rich Investor creating Wealth & Manage Cash Flow for Generations.

Save, Protect & Gain Financial Freedom for Generations!


For any Questions on Subscription, please send a mail to below email address:


Comparison to Other Advisors

As you can observe we charge 90% Less compared to other Advisers of Rs. 10000 to Rs. 25000 annual plans even though we both advise in the same smallcap/midcap area.  The price is kept low to Ensure Affordability for Retail Investors.

Secured Payments

All our payments are made through Instamojo (Secured Payment Provider) & Your Bank/Credit Card information is safe there.


You can visit the Frequently Asked Questions page here.


You can visit the Tutorials page here.

Never Lose your Money!

Welcome to the Investment Journey!!

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