Portfolio Management – How to Allocate Money?

Here we are answering common questions like: How much I should Allocate in current & future Multibaggers? What we should do if the Price goes Down? Where to keep your Cash Fund getting 14% Returns? Note: Just having 500% Multibagger will Not make you Rich! You need to have Concrete Portfolio Management Skills to BecomeContinue reading “Portfolio Management – How to Allocate Money?”

Why there is NO Stop Loss in Value Investing?

CONGRATULATIONS Premium Subscribers! Our Tata Elxsi (IoT Multibagger) gained 100% in 6 Months regardless of the market correction VALUE INVESTING & STOP LOSS As I said in the MASTER MIND Training in Value Investing there is NO STOP LOSS! Why? The answer is simple: When price goes down the Intrinsic Value goes up! So youContinue reading “Why there is NO Stop Loss in Value Investing?”

Buying & Selling Strategies for Value Investing

Following is the Buying Strategy for Value Investing! NO Stop Loss NO Target Price It is explained below. Why NO Stop Loss? The Value Investor is Buying based on Fair Value (30% of Intrinsic Value) compared with the Market Price. Let us say a BUY Recommendation was made on Current Price of Rs. 100 forContinue reading “Buying & Selling Strategies for Value Investing”

Learn how Multibagger Stocks are Created through Value Investing

https://futurecaps.com/tag/multibagger/ Futurecaps is a SEBI Registered Research Analyst providing Multibagger service to Indian Stock Market. If you are a new investor, we recommend you go through this table below.  This will help you understand the Multibagger Creation Journey. Year Description Returns Starting Year Here you Identified a Multibagger based on Past Performance & Growth aspects.Continue reading “Learn how Multibagger Stocks are Created through Value Investing”