Understanding Properties of Money is Important!

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Properties of Money

“A Professional understands all aspects of the Job” This is the core mantra of all successful leaders. They do not jump into situations without doing a proper learning. They won’t waste time in non-fruitful activities. Together with a leader can impose high growth’s to our life.

When talking about ‘Money’, i feel that the people dealing with it are not aware the ‘Properties’ of it.

Let us analyze the properties here..

Money is Value

Of course, we all know it & it is the reason we are working for fetching Money, as it is Valuable in the market.

Money is Devised

Money is a devised (created) mechanism for better functioning of economy. The older form of Money was barter system.

Money is like Oxygen

No one can deny “Money” in this materialistic world. It was possible in the Jungle Era, but we are no long there. The comparison with ‘Oxygen’ means, we cannot live without Oxygen, similarly we cannot live without Money.

Although, some people will say “They don’t care about money”, they are actually worried about it. Believe me, without having inherited family properties & passive income, we are under open risk.

Money is Storable

Imagine if you wanted to store food for your life remaining. You cannot store food for that much huge time. But you can convert the food items into Money equivalent & store it.

Money is Growable

Through proper investment, we can grow our money. This idea conveys our principle of “Placing extra Money” in long term, short term & liquid investments.

The Investment Vehicle we use, will determine the Growth of Money.

Money will attract Money

As the like attracts like, Money will attract more Money. So it is important that you have to have enough money to make it more.

For example: an ordinary software engineer with 50 thousand salary cannot invest on an apartment with EMI of 25 thousand. He will fear of going job-less. The reason is he is not having enough money to backup the investment.

So it is wise to have enough liquid money to protect future investments & future growths.

Money is prone to Value Depletion

In the same sense, money can grow, money can also diminish it’s value.

For example, if you store money as currency in your home locker, after end of year, the value will be 5% lost. This is due to Inflation.

Similarly, if you park the money in a car, after 1 year the car will cost 20% lesser in value.

In both the above cases, Money Value is Depleted.

So it is advisable to keep only short-term money in liquid format & others in Appreciation Vehicles like recurring deposits, fixed deposits, real estate, stocks, bonds etc.

Money is Freedom

You can think of your current job, the amount of hours spend, surely it is stealing your freedom. Many of us enjoy the work, but not all days are enjoyable. May be, we are required to work in different passion of our soul, but shortage of money restricts us to continue restricted..

But this is for only present tense, future could be different if we properly plan & invest. Attaining passive income (free income every month to carry out the expenses) will make us chase the passion @ life.

Money is not always Happiness

Talking with the poor class people of society, i had a feeling that they equate money to happiness, they think the riches are happy as they have money. This makes them spend whatever money coming in to the entirety & feeling happiness. Surely this is a myth, i can show dozens of rich families having chaos situations.

The poor people will remain poor until they realize that excess money should be used for investment. This excess money will protect them from future money shortage situations.

Money plus Idea yields more Happiness

Although there are rich people who are sorrow at heart, i believe through proper usage of ideas they can thin the air.

For example, idle time can be converted to fun activities if they can spend money & buy events, celebrations, vacations etc.

They can also avoid being with chaotic situations Or problematic people as money gives the freedom of move.

Money is Energy

There is a psychological connections saying that money is energy. It says, if we feel we have excess money the Universe will make it happen, similarly the shortage feeling about money will create disastrous situations. To an extend it is true, but i recommend good feeling & wise spending.

Myths about Money

Following are the ‘Myth’s’ created about Money, they are ‘Myths’ to the trained mind.

Money is Evil This depends on the person who uses it. If an amateur uses extra money for boozing, spending on offensive activities in society, then surely Money is Evil. I believe we all are responsible persons to use the excess money for the good of us, society & world. I can readily give good examples like Bill Gates, Narayana Murthy, PNC Menon who used their wealth to help back the society.

“So if you have extra money, you could enjoy the happiness of helping others”

Additional note that companies, religions insist on saying “Do not focus on money” as having money in possession will make people move out of job, move out of church & thus they loose a skillful worker or paying devotee. So always try to see the other side of the situation, Is there anybody benefitting from your lack-of-money’?


So following are the conclusions:

  1. Work Smart, Earn Smart, Invest Smart
  2. Feel God about Money
  3. Keep enough Liquid Savings of Money

I am open for thoughts from your side..

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