How Traders are LOOTED?

Guru says: Trading is like a Cigarette where Advisor puffs at one end & Loosers burn Money at the other end!

trader 8 monitor

Traders impressing Customers with Copied Photos of Multiple Monitors, but NO Photo of them!



Ask them their LIVE Sharing of Trade & Capital Gain Statement for past 1 Year – If they cannot provide one they are FRAUD!   


Most of the Traders are not agreeing that they are being Conned! So this is an Open Challenge to Traders:

  • CHALLENGE  If a Trader can Prove 500% Gains for 2 Consecutive Years with less than 10 trades per month, We will give them Rs. 5 Lakh & then Become a Trader.
  • Explanation: Investing provides 50-100% average yearly returns, it is passive & low risk on capital

    So Trading should provide 500% returns, as it is high risk on capital, takes lot of time & energy

I even contacted Traders & Brokers on same.. Nobody accepted! 

It means they are selling their advises & courses for profit and not using it for trading.

See that the Cook does not eat his own Dish – as it may be Poison!

NOT A SINGLE TRADER/BROKER TOOK UP THIS CHALLENGE SINCE LAST 5 YEARS! It means Traders are Being Looted & They are JUST Getting Aware of it! 

100% Trade Profit per year is not acceptable as most of the people use only Rs. 5-10 Lakh trading capital & they could have went for part-time Or full-time jobs to gain more of it.  

[Most Traders/Gurus can show ONLY few weeks/months of profits but long-run they are at loss] [No Traders are top riches in world – people gets attracted with Warren Buffett but ends up as amateur trader]

Here is the STORY of an Educated Ravindran Master A School Teacher from Kerala took a Risk at the age of 60 in order to Hike his Retirement Corpus.  He loaded Rs. 5 lakhs with a reputed broker who charge 0.75% brokerage – they straightaway took Control of His Account & Started Day Trading along with Futures & Options.  During the bull peak last year he made some profits & increased the capital.  As always Trading will Lure you with Initial Profits!  Unfortunately during the Corona times market crashed & Broker asked to increase more funding to prevent square-off.  He added another 2 Lakh more believing this Broker who earns his income from the client’s money.  At the time he called me he was at 6+ Lakh loss! I asked him to Exit the position & Stop this Mad Run immediately!  

This is the case of 95% Investors our there – they are loosing money in Trading!

I have seen Traders loosing 10 Lakhs, 50 Lakhs & even Crores – so read this carefully otherwise you are next!

Believe Me, Trading is NOT Investing!  You are Cheated!  If you wanted to gain real Investment Knowledge then read the article here.

Brokers are Providing 40-50% Commission to Advisors & YouTube Channel Makers to MAKE YOU TRADE!  At the End you will be LOOSING ONLY while making them rich! 

Below is the Sample of the Email we Futurecaps received to make people trade so that we can earn Lakhs every month.  Every YouTube Channel Host who endorse Trading is getting money through your losses.  Don’t let them Fool you!

email copy no day trading

A Trader is loosing 5 Crore in 20 Years! Read more to understand it..


We are 10+ years into the stock market advisory business & knows all the fraud tactics used by fake advisors who take hefty money. You are risking not just your fees but your capital, time & confidence.  Before entering any trap you can avail our Anti-Fraud Check service here.


Yes, even after Running complicated calculations – full day & night thinking like a Scientist – they are Loosing Money!  Let us see the reasons why they loose money.

TRAITS OF TRADING EDUCATORS they will falsify trade profits “hiding bad trades” giving you a get rich quick impression.  You will fall prey, buy their products, bombard your brain with candles & lot of junk education, but you will not succeed.  You will think it was your mistake that you did not properly studied.  Remember, EDUCATION is a NO RISK business!!  As an exposing movement, You will ask the Trainer why not they provide the Tips instead of Training so you can make easy profits.  They will give Lame Excuses! Faked!!

TRAITS OF TRADING ADVISORS they will advertise on 100% above weekly profits “hiding bad trades” & you will purchase them skipping their Disclaimers.  Later you will understand that even 10% monthly profit is not guaranteed so you cannot scale up the capital, Otherwise whole India could be their subscribers & become a country full of Rich Mukesh Ambanis! As an exposing movement, Ask them to show their Trade Statement & You will get Lame Excuses! Faked!!

Did they cheated you? Yes, But it was Actually your GREED cheated you!!

All the BIG LOSSES & SUICIDAL STORIES you hear are on TRADERS.. not on investors.. It is their Greed & Amateur combinations lead to the Disaster!

Core Purpose of Stock Market

The core purpose of stock market is NOT Day Trading!

The core purpose of stock market is LONG TERM INVESTING where it will Connect companies with investors so that:

  • Companies can raise money to expand
  • Investors can earn Profits through capital appreciation & dividend income

Unfortunately, Stock exchanges found other few Games over they years known as:

  • Day Trading
  • Margin Trading (another version of Day Trading)
  • Futures & Options
  • IPO & Short-Term Investing (buying for selling after few weeks)

This is just working over the price-movements.  Mostly they are good for the Masters except the Trader:

  • Stock Broker earn more income & margin fee interest through Day Trader
  • Youtube Host generates more income through Selling Day Trading videos
  • Government gains service tax of 12% & capital gains tax of 30% (if you win)

Unfortunately, 99% traders took this wrong way of multiplying wealth as it seems quicker.  They were attracted to stock market by Warren Buffett & Celebrity Investors, but ended up following Crooked Brokers & Amateur YouTube Hosts.

Only 1% Traders makes Profits 

But 100% Value Investors make Profits

Which one you choose?


Traders are like Scientists

These traders are like Scientists as the trader-world require them to Think a Lot on activities like below:

  • Simple Moving Averages, Exponential Moving Averages, Candle Sticks, Fibonacci Series, RSI etc.
  • Futures & Options, Calls & Puts etc.
  • Local News Focus – Budget, Note Bandi etc & International News Focus – Chasing Trump, Oil Price etc.
  • Accounting, Budgeting & Risk Analysis etc.
  • Think during market time for current moves
  • Think after market time for next day

All these work requires No less than a Professional & It Tax your brain like a Scientist!  But, Are they gaining profits from this? NO! Even after explore trading with good amount of passion & dedication, I have seen 99% Traders won’t make profits & make losses – that is the reason we are not seeing any rich person around us.




Few things to note for Traders are:

  • 99% Traders lose money in Day Trading, Futures & Options, Over-priced IPOs & Short-Term Investing
    • But in Long Term Value Investing 100% Profits LINK
  • The Successful Traders will NOT share you the Core Strategy too as It will make them Fail
    • But Long Term Value Investor Strategies are Shareable & Amplify their Winnings too
  • Trading is one of the brain-storming job during core working hours affecting their regular job
    • While Investing does not take too many hours & mostly free-time research gives peace of living
    • If an Investor have more time available then they will do Part-time Job/Business & Gain more Predictable Profits than Trading
  • Traders are DUMP price chasers – they are NOT Real Investors – they don’t analyze company, sector Or read annual reports
    • Even after lot of Technical Analysis A News can Bust all their calculations
  • Traders seldom use Power of Compounding as not enough positions to buy on capital increase
    • Investors automatically gain advantage of Power of Compounding
  • Trade Tips providers do not actually use them – but sell them to earn money
    • Tips Advisors, YouTube Channel Runners makes Monthly Rs. 5 Lakh from Viewership & Brokerage Share
  • You cannot see Trade Millionaires
    • But Long Term Investor Millionaire exists like Warren Buffet, Ramesh Damani, Dolly Khanna etc.
  • Most importantly, Traders are loosing the Opportunity
    • As they are not Leveraging the Growth Economy

Simply, If you are a Trader, then you are Taxing your Brain like a Scientist & Making others Rich!

So, if the BHOOT of Day Trading gets into YOU, it will take Years to Exit it!

Now let us focus on the 1% Successful Traders – they are actually divided into 2:

  • 0.1% Super Successful Traders who make 500% Profits annually
  • 0.99% Average Successful Traders who makes up to 50% Profits annually

Who are the 0.1% Super Successful Traders?

I can show you Super Successful Traders who make 500% per year, but they play with High Capital & It is a Full-Time Profession for them taking day & night efforts.  They are Celebrities & Earn sideways through Coaching as well.  However they will NOT share their original strategies as they are too dynamic & hurts their future profits.

Who are the 0.99% Average Successful Traders?

They only make 50% Profit Annually and thinks they beat the market.  However they are not really making profits as the calculation below:

  • 50% Profit will attract 33% Short-Term Capital Gain Tax – So Actual Profit reduces to 35%
  • They will pay 5% brokerage & margin money = So Actual Profit reduces to 30%
  • They use their day-time, electricity, internet, advisory fee which is another 5% = So Actual Profit reduces to 25%
  • They loose Opportunity Cost of Capital where these Enormous Trading Hours can be used for Part-Time/Business Work Cutting another 20% = Remaining Profit 5% Only!

So the Average Successful Trader Only earns 5% Profits – See the Total Big Picture!

[Instead they could put money in a Long Term Corporate FD and earn 10% Interest without doing anything]

How much Trader Loose?

If a Trader decides to quit trading & start long term investing (100% success) then the Calculation follows.

For example, if the Capital is Rs. 10 lakhs and the Trader decides to Stop Trading & Switch to Direct Stock Investing of 20-30% Compounded Returns then in 20 Year he will be earning 4 Crore Rupees!

Plus, he can make more money from other part-time work which is another 1+ Crore.

how much trader loose

So a 10 Lakh Capital Trader is actually loosing 4+ Crore in 20 Years without choosing Direct Stock Investing!



Now this is the Core Point – Whoever is Selling Tips to you with Big Claims are NOT Real Traders.  Real Traders (1% Successful ones) will NOT share their tips as it will affect their future profitability

So whoever is selling trading tips are TOO GOOD TO BELIEVE SCAMMERS.. They claim High Profits like 100-200% per month.  If they are so profitable why not they put 10 lakhs capital & compounded multiply in 6 months to be Super Rich person in the world?  Clearly, it is not possible as all their tips will not work, that is why they are selling the scam!  This is also the reason we are seeing Victim Traders becoming Anil Ambani & not Mukesh Ambani! 🙂

If any tips advisor comes with 100% claims monthly, ask them the question why they are selling it for money? Why not they trade themselves for 6 months & become Crorepathi? 

CALCULATION 10L > 20L > 40L > 80L > 1.6CR > 3.2CR > Life Set in 6 Months!


Theoretically the High Performance Trade Tips Advisor does not need to sell for money!  

CHALLENGE #2 Leave 100% returns per month – If a Trader Assures 10% per Month with whatever trade count, it will give around 100% annual returns.  Then I am ready to give them Rs. 5 Lakh Capital for Trading, they can keep 25% of the Profits – but any Capital Loss is there they should pay me back.  Is there any Trader ready to accept?

We contacted several traders on CHALLENGE#1 & CHALLENGE#2 nobody accepted – they gave lame excuses – so means what – these fakers are selling education on trading & making money – YOU ARE LOOTED!

Cutting the Weed out

We just saved you Crores if you are INTELLIGENT! Else you will continue Trading to allow yourselves to be looted.

It took years for me to understand that Trading is a Trap. I then learned the right way of Investing by following Warren Bufett.  Then in few years I recovered all of the 2 Lakh Trading Losses & even made 10X profits.  Proof Link.    Now I am heading for Crores!

If you wanted to recover your Trading Losses as well & that too with Stock Market then you have to Align with the right way of Value Investing – Value Investing 100% Profit Only – We have a course for same which is currently at 50% discount .




Medicare Supplement Household Discounts Explained


VALUE INVESTOR 100% WINNERS | TRADERS 99.9% LOOSERS | Which one you want to be?



LEARN VALUE INVESTING | It created all Top Riches of World including Warren Buffett, Mukesh Ambani etc.

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  1. I am holding R System international since your recommendation… I see some promoters are selling stocks in open market and that concerns me… what is your opinion?

  2. Well said and summarized!!
    Actually it will be nice to do a study on the traders in bse or other exchanges over a year or two and have a evidence based result showing the case that you have outlined. Am sure these studies may exist somewhere…..
    thanks for the post!

  3. Thanks Paul! As you said I evaluated my last 2 year Trading P&L and cannot find any profits – not even 10% + I lost lot of brokerages & my youtube channel advisor suggested to join upstox where they were earning commission from me too. I realize that I see Warren Buffett to enter stock market & got mis-directed by the frauds of stock market.

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