Market Updates

As of today the Bear Market corrections are happening in Indian Stock Market. This is a Reflection of the FED Interest Rate hike & Global cues. The corrections in Indian Stock market are mostly in Largecaps & the wave can enter Midcap/Smallcap space too within few weeks if the correction continues. The bottom will be deeper if the correction leads to a global recession.

Amateurs will be Fearful!

Those who have not undergone stock market training will fear bear market & do wrong thing like selling the growth stocks. These are the times where a Bad Investors & Traders will be wiped away from stock market.

Bear Market is Opportunity

In fact bear market is an opportunity to buy your favorite growth stocks at discount. Out investment term is minimum 5 years hence selling after few months is not advisable. This is what Celebrity Investors are doing.

Our Strategy

As informed in the multibagger reports you can do 30% remaining buying on 30% corrections.

Existing Stocks

If you need to free up capital for bottom investment, you can sell partial of the following:

Share India Securities – Sell 50% as it gained 100% above from the investment amount – now your capital is free.

You can repeat the same for other 100% above earners like Shree Pushkar, H G Infra etc.

NCL Industries – You can Exit Full/Partial now as the Annual Results are slashy.

Bajaj Steel – You can Exit Full/Partial now for Annual Results are slashy.

Other Stocks – Shyam Metaliks, ICICI Lombard – You can add 30% on 30% corrections

Note: The above selling is advised only for investors who are fearful of bear market. Other experienced investors no need to sell – but add more on corrections.

Please do not sent Whatsapp queries on same. Our Vision is 5+ year investment – during the time multiple bear markets will come – we need to learn to thrive on bear market times. Master Mind Training

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