Russia-Ukraine, World War 3 & Market Strategies

We are getting multiple queries like below:

  • How Russia-Ukraine Issue will affect Indian stock market?
  • Is this a start for World War 3?

Our Replies

Russia-Ukraine Issue if worsens will affect the Crude Prices & Crude-sensitive stocks. Russia converting Reserves from US-Dollar to Gold will affect the Foreign Currency prices.

World War 3 Formation we cannot comment on – it depends on other country participation – but you should be prepared for all cases.

Note: One should be backing up with cash, gold, food for few months in case the situation reaches much worse.

Market Strategies

As iterated in the multibagger reports & master mind training:

  • You should divide your Assets into multiple classes like Real Estate, Gold, Bond, Stocks.
  • Keep Stock Capital 70% in Stocks & 30% in Cash
  • Stocks can undergo 30-50% portfolio correction depending on economic situations
  • Stock market reacts 6 months ahead of economy
  • On 30% corrections use the 30% Cash to buy stocks more
  • Do not check the Prices daily – Keep a 5 year Vision Period
  • Think Long-term – once market bounds you will get more profits out of the Bottom-investments


During 2020 market crashes we had Caplin Point reaching Rs. 200 levels. It was a fundamentally good & growth company & we iterated buying again at bottom. In just 2 years the price reached Rs. 1000 levels. 500% peak returns!!

So if the stock is fundamentally good & growth one, then you can buy more in the bottom. More the price is down, Higher will be your Returns Percentage.


We may be delaying multibagger releases every month to observe the situations, you can allocate the per-month capital also in bottomed stocks, once market is stable we will release multiple multibaggers & bonus stocks together.

This is a broadcast message. Please DO NOT send chat requests on this matter.

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