ROI is KING of Calculations!

Guru says: The purpose of ROI is to ensure you are not loosing money! As an Investor of any vehicle, ROI is the King of Calculation & It helps in Decision Making & Measuring Success.  Let us have a more understanding of ROI. Return on Investment (ROI) ROI can be applied to any Type ofContinue reading “ROI is KING of Calculations!”

Rent vs. Buy Calculator

9 out of 10 Real Estate Investors are Loosing Money! HOW? How Builders get Rich by Selling you Flats? This post is based on our Real Estate Consulting snapshots.  Recently I was given an Evaluation whether to Rent or Buy a Flat.  People go with Residential Flat due to main reason: Lower Cost, Higher Security thanContinue reading “Rent vs. Buy Calculator”

Classes of Investments All Investors should Know!

Dear Friends, Here I am going to List down Different Classes of Investments & Their Returns.  You should definitely get few action items on these. First I put down the Core Motivation behind your Investment as: Wealth Creation Income Generation Wealth Creation In the Wealth Creation, the Investment has Appreciate above Inflation.  Taking India AverageContinue reading “Classes of Investments All Investors should Know!”