Investor Quiz & Reward worth Rs. 2999

This is a very important post! If you wanted to be a Winner in Stock Market you have to have the Right Mindset! After discussing with many of the Subscribers I found that they are wrongly programmed. They over-buy Or under-buy stocks They buy Or sell in wrong times All these are going to costContinue reading “Investor Quiz & Reward worth Rs. 2999”

Buying & Selling Strategies for Value Investing

Following is the Buying Strategy for Value Investing! NO Stop Loss NO Target Price It is explained below. Why NO Stop Loss? The Value Investor is Buying based on Fair Value (30% of Intrinsic Value) compared with the Market Price. Let us say a BUY Recommendation was made on Current Price of Rs. 100 forContinue reading “Buying & Selling Strategies for Value Investing”