Your House is NOT an Asset! Shocking!!

Most people will NOT agree with this statement – but In Investing Terms House is NOT An Asset! Robert Kiyosaki the International Financial Coach repeats that House is NOT an Asset! Let us try to understand why he said so.. [this article involves calculations – but will save you crores if you learn it] AContinue reading “Your House is NOT an Asset! Shocking!!”

Just Multibaggers will not make you Rich!

Congratulations! As of today you are Believing that your Portfolio is also having Multibaggers! All our promises & investment advises are getting fruitful. Good for YOU! However, to be really rich you need to focus on your Net Worth Growth of 20%! This includes your Real Estate, Stocks, Fixed Deposits, Vehicles, Gold etc. The ProblemContinue reading “Just Multibaggers will not make you Rich!”

GMM PFaudler Ltd. Multibagger Analysis

GMM Pfaudler Ltd has experienced a fall of more than 35%  since September when its stock price dropped from Rs.5926 to the current market price of Rs.3765. In this article, we at Futurecaps have analysed the GMM Pfaudler Ltd stock for you to provide a comprehensive outlook of the company’s growth. About GMM Pfaudler LtdContinue reading “GMM PFaudler Ltd. Multibagger Analysis”

Complete Muthoot Finance Multibagger analysis

Muthoot Finance is considered as the largest gold loan Non-Banking Financial Corporation & Muthoot Finance Ltd. stock has seen a tremendous growth during Covid-19 pandemic. In this article of Muthoot Finance multibagger analysis we at Futurecaps have attempted to find the future prospects & potential of the Muthoot Finance Ltd. stock. Muthoot Finance Ltd. NSEContinue reading “Complete Muthoot Finance Multibagger analysis”

What does Tata Motors future hold ?

Note: This report is NOT A MULTIBAGGER Report Tata motors has always been India’s first choice since 1988, however with increase in competition & market saturation it has seen a constant decline since 2017. Since 2017 we have seen a sharp decline in Tata Motors stock price from Rs.523 to Rs.138 in October 2020 whichContinue reading “What does Tata Motors future hold ?”

Is ITC worth buying in 2020?

Update: Apr 2021 BASED ON THE DEMERGER DEVELOPMENTS ITC POSSESS MULTIBAGGER PROPERTIES WATCH VIDEO HERE OLD Contents Below ITC stock has been struggling from a long time now with its share price declining to more than 34% since last year. Such immense fall has wiped out more than Rs.206540 crore from its market capitalization. WeContinue reading “Is ITC worth buying in 2020?”