Where is the Performance of Mutual Funds?

In the last 6 months from the bottom of March 2020, Smallcap Stocks have gained 100-500% Returns. However we can see the Smallcap Mutual Funds having only Maegre returns! Even if you take the Top Performing Smallcap Mutual Fund which is SBI Small Cap Fund the return is just 40%! INVESTORS ARE CHEATED! All theseContinue reading “Where is the Performance of Mutual Funds?”

SEBI Definition of Largecap, Midcap, Smallcap is not what we Think

SEBI Multicap Regulation is a Good Move as it Restores the Interests of Investor! NEWS LINK What is Multicap? Multicap Funds are those Hybrid Funds containing Largecap, Midcap & Smcallcap stocks in portfolio. Why the Regulation? There were multiple fund managers who call their fund as Multicap but was mostly investing in Largecaps. This madeContinue reading “SEBI Definition of Largecap, Midcap, Smallcap is not what we Think”

Kaveri Seed Multibagger Stock 2020

Update Farmers Act along with MSP Support will definitely help this Stock to be a Multibagger Forum In this post we can perform Kaveri Seed Multibagger Analysis based on Value Investing of Warren Buffet. This is the 1 of 3 Multibaggers where the remaining 2 can be purchased from here. Futurecaps is the ONLY advisorContinue reading “Kaveri Seed Multibagger Stock 2020”

Flat is a 30 Crore Lossy Investment!

Due to the Corona issues, lot & lot builders are selling Flats at discounts. Clearly this is a time to buy real estate like Plots. However, please note that if you are looking for Wealth Creation then a Flat can make you loose 100+ Crore in 20 years! Rental Investment Calculation Let us Calculate onContinue reading “Flat is a 30 Crore Lossy Investment!”