Where is the Performance of Mutual Funds?

In the last 6 months from the bottom of March 2020, Smallcap Stocks have gained 100-500% Returns. However we can see the Smallcap Mutual Funds having only Maegre returns!

image 15

Even if you take the Top Performing Smallcap Mutual Fund which is SBI Small Cap Fund the return is just 40%!

image 14


All these shows Huge Difference in the Long Term Performance. If 50% Performance is missing in 100% means, there will be compounded missing of 7000% for a 10000% gain in 10 years .. which is actually 1 Crore will return only 3 Crore instead of 10 Crores!! 7 Crores missing in 10 Years!

All these shows the following points:

  • Mutual Funds are Charging hefty Annual Service Charge of 2% which is Corroding the Capital
  • Mutual Funds are Not Investing in High Growth Multibaggers
  • Mutual Funds are Parking money in Low Return or Debt Instruments or High Cap stocks


This is the reason we urge people to go for Direct Equity Investing! Thus you can Control the Stocks, Choose High Growth Multibaggers & Attain Maximum Performance on the Portfolio. Warren Buffett also endorses it.

Time have reached in India that We have to be our Own Fund Manager too!

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