FARMERS BILL is Good for Farmer!!

We are all aware of the recent developments and the conundrum which has been created due to latest Farmers Bill and amendments. However we keep a View that this Bill is going to be Beneficial to the Farmer! THE BILL IS GOOD FOR FARMER! THE GOOD Farmers are going to Benefit from this Bill withContinue reading “FARMERS BILL is Good for Farmer!!”

Market is Over-Valued!

As of today Dec 27, 2020 the Indian Stock Market is Over-valued based on: NIFTY PE Ratio which is at 36 compared to the previous peaks of 30 during 2008, 2000 etc. What you should do? Following are the changes recommended: Futurecaps Recommendations Hold the past recommendations since they are trading below the Intrinsic Value.Continue reading “Market is Over-Valued!”

Uncovering the Stock Market Investing Secret

‘What’s the secret to make a fortune in Stock Market Investing ?’ A question experts at Futurecaps are often asked & that is why we decided to answer it in detail today. This article covers every aspect of stock market investing & explains how the well known stock market celebrities built their fortune. Moreover, weContinue reading “Uncovering the Stock Market Investing Secret”

Congratulations All! Adani Green at 1000% Returns!

Telling the Truth – We did not recommended it! Lot of Investors are happy about Choosing Adani Green in their Portfolio – I am happy for them too! Note: This is NOT A MULTIBAGGER Recommendation What triggered the Spike? Adani Group was declared Top Solar Power Provider in the World! It is really a GoodContinue reading “Congratulations All! Adani Green at 1000% Returns!”