Vijay Kedia lessons on 16000X Returns on Cera

Vijay Kedia is Legend Investor in Indian Stock Market.

He shares his 160000X (Not 160000%) Returns from Cera investment.

  • Find a Growth Sector first
  • Find a Growth Stock next
  • Stay Invested for Long-term
  • It can give 100X returns in 10 Year
  • It can give 1000X returns in 20 Year
  • It can give 16000X returns in 20 Year
  • Even the company promoter may not know the company can grow this much
  • The magic is done by Sector Growth + Company Growth + Branding + Blue Chip + Dividends.

One multibagger can change your life & pay off all other stock investments too.

FREE Multibagger Stocks for 2025

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Multibagger with Expansion Plans | Low PE Ratio | Low Book Value Ratio | Intrinsic Value Discount 70 % | PLUS Free Value Investing Education

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