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In our quest to create more multibaggers we are trying to see the future of technology & opportunities. Futurecaps Research declares following 7 Sectors as Future Multibagger Sectors. Indian companies positioning themselves in the Front Row will benefit from Huge Growth. (the same way IT was positioned in 1990s – else China would have taken away the IT boom)

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Electric Vehicles

Developed countries USA, Canada, UK are witnessing huge growth in Electrical Vehicles including Cars, Semi-Trucks, Trucks, Bikes & even Bicycles. Same trend is been shifted to India & this sector offers huge compounded growth of 15% annually.

Coupled with Electric Vehicles, we are seeing another Big Trend coming from the West which is Autonomous Vehicles. This leads to a world of No-Driver Taxi which are operated by Mobile Apps. This requires Huge Investment in Roads, Maps, Traffic Signals, High Speed Internet & Infrastructural efficiencies.

Although not happening in Immediate Future of India due to the Infra complexities, this is a Huge Growth sector in Developed countries. Indian IT Companies can benefit from the hardware & software requirement of this market.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Accelerated by 5G and High Speed Internet providers like Reliance Jio, India is positioned on huge growth in the IoT segment. IoT enables bigger connectivity & control of devices involving home electronics, automobiles, industrial machinery. It offers huge automation & remote monitoring & control of the devices. Tomorrows factories will be controlled with IoT.

A shift in programming to IoT oriented software & hardware for 5G supporting electronics is been watched for growth rate is rate above 15%.

3D Printing

In future we may see a house being 3D printed in a week of time! Right now 3D printing is entering arenas like Prototyping, Toys creation etc. More arenas of 3D Printing are Bioprinting, Construction, Art-Jewelry etc.

As I can see in future, you will Order your Product in Flipkart & You will get it Printed at your Home or Nearby Pickup Service. So faster that this will Increase the Velocity of Money – Good for Government too!


AI (Artificial Intelligence) also paved the ways to Robots as they are Efficient than Human for Recurring, Monotonous & Hazardous works. Robots are employed for deep mining, garbage disposal, robotic pets, robo chefs & robo servers etc.

This will definitely induce massive layoffs in Labor Force through Factory Automation unless company owners upgrade their Labor Forces to highly human intensive jobs.

Virtual Reality

Technology is enabling a New World of Outsourcing through Virtual Reality. Right now many of the Software Jobs are outsourced from Developed Countries to Cheap Labor countries. But the Outsourcing left back the Highly Talented & Skilled Professionals who perform Real-time Jobs. So the Future looks up to Outsource real-time Jobs through the help of Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality Headsets, High Speed Internets, 5G etc. enable a Surgeon from India to conduct an operation for a Patient in United States thereby reducing the Surgery Costs, Travel overheads & Also enable the Skilled-service availability to Globally anywhere. It also enables a Hair Stylist from Mumbai to perform the service to Hollywood, A Monk in Nepal to conduct a Virtually Real Meditation session to Audience in Germany.

Light Speed Transportation

Although we have not reached the level of Teleporting a Human, things are going in the direction to Achieving Light Speed in Transportation. Bullet Trains, Underground Trains, Air Drones etc. are the Innovations in this area to watch for.

Lab Meats

Traditional Animal Meat is Chaos due to Killing, Environmental Hazard due to Geenery destroyed by the Livestocks, Edibility Issues like High Cholesterol, Transpiration & Storage overheads.

To address all these problems a New concept of Lab Meat being discovered where Meat is produced in Lab using efficient technology & software controlled systems. No animal slaughtering, No greenery disruption involved & More healthy meat at cheaper cost will be the advantages.


Indian Companies should position themselves to capture this upcoming stream of these Multi-Billion Growth sectors!

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