OIOP (One India One Pension) is Possible?

To my notice there is an Increasing Support for the Idea One India One Pension by Social Activists, News Channel & Of-course by General Public.

To my interest I talked with the Core Leaders of One Indian One Pension & I was Surprised to Hear their Plan!

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The Plan

The Plan is to provide Rs. 10 Thousand monthly pension to All Citizens above Age 60.

The Source

The Source of Income they Found was Interesting – Central Government Budget!

Let us see the Feasibility of the plan.

The Budget

As of 2020 the Indian Budget Revenue is Rs. 22 Lakhs Crores!

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The Expense

The Population above 60 Years is 14 Crores growing at 5% annually requiring Rs. 17 Lakhs Crore per annum.

So the Expense on Pension will be 80% of the Budget!

80% of the Budget required to fund OIOP!

Do you think the Central Government have Luxury to spend 80% of the Budget?

Diverting the 80% Budget will Halt Government Employee Salaries, Railways, Infrastructure Development, Farmer Subsidiaries, Defense etc.

Don’t look for the State Government Budget as they are already Screwed Up with Corona!

The Debts

Already India have Big Debts & Fiscal Deficit.

Implementing OIOP requires Tremendous Debt to be raised which will Screw Up the country.

The Hidden Problem – Inflation!

The Originators of OIOP are plain-vanilla thinkers – they don’t know the problems of Inflation while Free Cash is floating in economy – Giving Free Rs. 10 Thousand to 10% People will deplete the purchasing power of Rupee & thereby making Rs. 10 Thousand not enough to meet the living expenses of the old people.

Note: Take the India Inflation as 5% & Rs. 3000 will be the Purchasing Power of Rs. 10000 after 2040 years. So the OIOP is going to Add more Inflation & Face more Inflation problems. No problems solved permanently.

The Conclusion

OIOP NOT Possible in current situation!

I genuinely believe this is a Crooked Propaganda like #acchedin to Lure the Mass Ignorance & Greed of People & Get into Power.

Since the Innocent Crowd does not know the Budget Capacity & Pension Head Count – they believed this scheme blindly & propagating it. This is laying the foundation to some other Crooked Politicians to Power!

The Foolproof Plan

I would urge all OIOP supporters to Create a Legally Binded Agreement from OIOP Leaders on proper implementation of it if elected. Else they will have to Give Up their properties.

In this way we can ensure Nobody fools the public again.

The Real Solution

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