Olectra Greentech gained 600% – What next?

As we are getting multiple queries on Olectra Greentech, thought of giving updates on same.


Olectra Greentech was our Hidden Gem in Feb 2021 – It gained almost 600% till now!

It was picked on the theme of EV Boom in India. During the time nobody was talking about EV and nowadays all are.

The stock was not a Value Pick – hence we cannot apply the usual Intrinsic Value Calculation on above.


Olectra is setting up India’s biggest Factory in Hyderbad with 10000 bus production capacity. It is setting up 600 Crore investment & got the Green Energy Incentives from the state government. We will see this as a positive sign in the future sales of the EV products by Olectra.

Growth Ahead

The stock have heavy growth ahead – since the actual shifting of economy to EV is just started. Hold for next 5-10 years for super profits may be in 5000-10000% returns level.

Buy, Hold or Sell?

Investors are constantly asking this question – whether to buy it now, hold Or sell it?

Not to buy now!

Not to enter at the current price as it is Over-valued.

What to do – Long Term Investors & Short-Term Investors?

You can sell 20% to get your capital back & allow the remaining to grow which is free of cost now. In future if it crashes also No Problem – as you got your capital back. Hold for next 5-10 years to see the real Power of Compounding!

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Olectra Greentech founded in 1992, is a firm that manufactures and sells electric buses and composite polymer insulators. Warren Buffett is an investor in Olectra’s joint venture with BYD (China). BYD is focusing on the US electric bus market, which is expected to attract a large number of good investors and facilitate a mutual technical alliance of improved batteries on the Indian side.

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