Arokiaswamy Velumani A Journey from Rack to Track to Thyrocare Technologies!


Arokiaswamy Velumani (born April 1959) is an Indian scientist and entrepreneur. He is the founder, chairman, and managing director of Thyrocare Technologies Ltd. a chain of diagnostic and preventive care laboratories headquartered in Navi Mumbai.

Health crises have huge social and economic costs as witnessed in the recent COVID-19 pandemic. In India, however, healthcare has never been considered necessary until it is an emergency. It is estimated that every 10% increase in noncommunicable diseases impacts annual economic growth rate by 0.5%. The rising healthcare costs and out-of-pocket expenditure, along with increasing lifestyle-related diseases are further adding to the woes.

Dr. Arokiaswamy Velumani is the founder and managing director of both Thyrocare Technologies Ltd. and of Nuclear Healthcare Limited, a radiology diagnostics company affiliated with Thyrocare. He attained an MSc and Ph.D. from the University Of Mumbai while working at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre – BARC Mumbai. Being an Indian Scientist and entrepreneur, he used his expertise in the field of thyroid biochemistry to build Thyrocare which is valued at 3300 crores today. Inculcating his 38 years of experience in the field of diagnostics Research and Business, the expert has given various talks on subjects like ‘The Luxury of Poverty’ and ‘Rags to Riches’. He even has a personal blog where he shares stories from his life.

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About the company

Started in 1996, to provide affordable thyroid testing and quality reports to our patients at the most competitive rates samples were tested manually using RIA technology. Owing to samples rising from 100’s to 1000’s to the current investigations in lakhs, we became the first in India to install Total Laboratory Automation from Siemens, a 27m automation track. To efficiently handle the growing workload volumes, need for a complete advanced solution capable of handling multiple domains of laboratory operations became a necessity. Today, Thyrocare operates from its 2,00,000 sq. ft completely automated Central Processing Laboratory (CPL), equipped with the world’s longest track automation, Aptio® from Siemens. With an end to end automation, in-built scanners, own dedicated sample managers and a data management system, all three stages of laboratory operations – pre-analytical, analytical, post-analytical, are completely automated ensuring minimum errors and minimal human intervention.

Thyrocare focuses on providing affordable preventive healthcare testing and performs various biochemical tests majorly for thyroid, lipid, renal, cardiac, infertility, steroid, and vitamins profile. Within a year of its birth, we had 25 franchisees all over India, and today Thyrocare boasts of a spanned network of more than 1000 franchises across the country, with the main head office in Mumbai. The company possesses international standards of quality and is accredited by reputed Indian and global accreditation bodies viz: the International Organization of Standardization (ISO 9001-2000), National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL), and College of American Pathologists (CAP).

Thyrocare is India’s first fully automated diagnostic laboratory with a focus on providing quality at affordable costs to laboratories and hospitals in India and other countries.

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