Should I buy Indian Energy Exchange?

Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) is a Power Exchange company, licensed by the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) for spot trading in power / electricity and trading of Renewal Energy Certificate (REC) and Energy Saving Certificates. The main activity of the company is to provide an automated platform and infrastructure for carrying out trading in electricity units for physical delivery of electricity.

indian energy exchange

In the current bull run the company charted new highs & more investors are attracted to buy in. We get multiple queries on the same & hence thought of shedding some light based on the Value Investing arena.

VALUE INVESTING says you should buy 1 Rupee at 10 Paisa!

PE Ratio 110 (Over-valued)

PB Ratio 50X (Over-valued)

PEG Ratio 7 (Over-valued)

Intrinsic Value Discount 0%(Over-valued)


Indian Energy Exchange is very much Over-valued & NOT a value buy! For a 3-year moderate growth rate of 20% the company is enjoying lot of price spikes. If the bull run continues you will get price returns on same.

It is 10 Paisa trading at 1 Rupee!

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