Programming your Investor Mind

Programming your Investor Mind iterates some of the Metaphysical aspects of Money! You may be disagreeing with many of the points here – but as an Advisor we are only providing Proven Tactics of Real Rich People!

You know there are few groups of people in the world who have NO POOR among them. Few examples are Marwadis, Arabs etc. When we observe their lives closely we can see they use some Metaphysical (Spiritual) aspects of Money to make money & stay rich. We will be sharing these with our Paid Subscribers.


If you ask any Rich Person, any Successful Business Person, any Scientist, any Athlete – they wills say the same think – MIND HAS INFINITE POWER! To prove the same you can research on electrical signals produced by the brain, telepathy transmission etc. These all proves that our mind is connected with th external universe and thus have infinite power.

This inner section of our mind is called Sub-Conscious Mind! Our Life Achievement mostly depend on Who we are at this Sub-conscious Mind. So programming this Sub-Conscious Mind is important to be a Successful Investor too!


This is the simple way of controlling the Sub-Conscious Mind by Controlling our Thoughts!

You are Average of 5 People you Meet!

Rich People often ensures that they are around Like-minded, Money-focused, Positive-thinking people. They even Train their children to be like that as they know the surrounding people Influence their thoughts. So it is Important to keep the Thoughts right by keeping the People right!

The next step to control thoughts at conscious level is to Read Books, Watch Motivational Videos etc. This should be enough for majority of the people. In this way most of the people can achieve whatever they want in their life – career growth, investor profit, body shape etc.

Note: The ADs we see in TV, News Paper we read, News we watch , Speeches we listen, are all forms of Mind Control mechanics. So Rich People make sure that they Protect themselves from unwanted mind programming.

So even after keeping the mind positive, reading right books, listening to the right advice, member of rich club Still few investors shows Amateur habits like:

  • Making losses by pre-maturely Selling stocks
  • Following the Crowd & Buying at High prices
  • Too much Or Too-low risk taking
  • No Long-term vision etc.

In this case we need to do Advanced Mind Control techniques.


In this method we go deeper level of the Mind called Sub-Conscious Level. Then we induce commands to the Sub-Conscious Mind so that It will start working on that direction. The method is called SELF HYPNOSIS.

Book Reference

To conduct Self Hypnosis,we provide the following:

  • Allocate a Mind Power Expert (PhD holder)
  • Educate that No Harm in conducting Self Hypnosis
  • Provide pre-recorded Hypnosis Commands optimized for Investments (Futurecaps Copyrighted MP3s)
  • Repeat Hypnosis Session periodically

In this way we ensure our Subscriber is having a Long-term Investment Success which lasts for generations.

What you will Receive after this Mind Power Training?

The result will vary for each based on the Individual. However all of those who practiced for few weeks the same have felt:

  • Increased Meditation Capacity
  • Increased Confidence
  • Feel of Money Aura
  • Listening of Intuition Voice (Clairvoyance)
  • Guided Decisions on Investments (Claircognizance)

Note These type of Training are not provided elsewhere in India. It took years of practice in Western countries for us to come up with these methodologies. We are providing them to the benefits of Subscriber to make sure they actually made Wealth through Futurecaps.

Sample A sample MP3 can be provided to those who request here.

Habits of Riches

  • Riches are Rich in money, mind & heart
  • Rich enjoys Life with a Spirit
  • Rich chases their Passion (Purpose of Life)
  • Rich helps needy
  • Rich analyzes Facts closely
  • Rich enjoys Growth

To be Rich .. you have to take the first step.. BELIEVE you are RICH!