Why the Poor stay Poor?

Poor lack one important aspect: FINANCIAL EDUCATION

If you want to make a country progress – Give FINANCIAL EDUCATION to the poor people!!

What are the Essentials of FINANCIAL EDUCATION?

  • Understand how money works
  • Learn the difference between Appreciating & Depreciating Asset
  • Keep a Budget
  • Keep a Surplus Cash Fund
  • Learn to Invest
  • Compare ROI for optimal Investing
  • Take Calculated Risks

Example: In the last Pandemic crashes of March 2020 we have seen the Poor became Poorer & Rich became Richer!


The riches were having Surplus Cash Fund to BUY the bottom – their Investing knowledge & Calculated Risk made them earn 100%, 200%, 500% returns in an year!

This is what Robert Kiyosaki is also telling for decade.


Learn the Master Mind Training to be a SOLID Stock Market Investor – Follow the Path of Warren Buffett here.

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